What the credit ?!%$#

I recently took a free credit class over the weekend and here are some things I’d love to share with you .When attempting to raise your credit score  the first thing you need to know is What is Credit and How is it calculated ?



A credit score is a statistical number that evaluates a consumer’s creditworthiness and is based on credit history of the consumer .

There are 5 components of a credit score .

10% Inquires 

10% Type of credit 

15% Length of Credit History  

30% Debt-to-Income Ratio 

35% Payment History  

Since the highest component on how your score is calculated is payment history I think it is safe to say it is important for you to pay your creditors ON TIME .

Next it is important to keep ALL OF your credit card balances under 30% utilization.

In my opinion these are the two most important steps when trying to raise your credit score.  Practice paying your creditors on time and bring down your utilization to 30% or below .


  • An easy way to ensure you are paying on time is AUTOMATION . Open an additional  checking account that is NOT linked to your debit card. In doing this this will ensure that your creditors are paid on time with out any additional effort.
  • Cant stop using your credit cards ?  Cut them up . No I did not say cancel them , just cut them up .  While paying down your debt it is important not to use those credit cards and mess up all of your hard work to pay off your credit cards


good credit scores just ahead

Be kind to yourself ,  forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made in the past and look forward to having good credit  in the future .


” The secret to getting ahead is getting started. ” 


Until next time ,

XoXo  Just Sittin Pretty



29 and SINGLE



I want to share with you all a few things I have learned and experienced being 29 and SINGLE.


It seems every time I log into Facebook, someone is getting married or having a baby.  I will not lie, there have been nights I have cried and asked God. “What is wrong with me?  Am I not worthy of love?  Am I not worthy of a family?”  But I had to check myself and stop crying to God about what I don’t have and start thanking God for the situations he saved me from. I am single because I needed to allow God to really work on me. I needed to grow and figure out what God placed me on this earth to do. In order to do that, I needed to be intentional. What I mean by that is I needed to be Intentional about strengthening my relationship with God. I needed to be intentional about finding what it is, God is calling me to do.  I refuse to settle. I do not want to live my life playing it safe.


Trust me, I am not perfect. Not even close to being perfect.  I am still in the process of allowing God to heal me and direct me into my calling.   I began to reflect on my past relationships asking myself, “Where did I go wrong?” I discovered, In all my relationships I made one glaring mistake, which was putting a man before God and myself. I stopped attending church so often, I stopped doing the things that I loved.  I allowed men to treat me like Silver when God says I am GOLD.  I have been cheated on, lied to, mentally and physically abused.  To the public eye I have always been a strong woman, but behind closed doors, I suffered.  My self-worth was not where it should have been and I allowed a man to determine my worth. HUNNY if you do not get anything else from this blog, understand this: No one else can determine your worth.  You teach people how to love and care for you!

I also decided to take it a step further, I decided to stop having sex.  Yes, it sucks.  I have even broken down and cried, but it has been the best decision I have ever made.  I needed to start loving myself, taking care of myself and realize I am GOLD.

Ladies, you do not realize how much of yourself you are giving away when you lay down with someone who is not worthy of you.  You are a Queen and everyone should not have access to your greatness.

For now I wait patiently for my King.

In order for my man to find me, He must find God first!


Until next time, Continue to “Sit Pretty”




Miss Monica B


Walmart Beauty Box

Have you heard of the Walmart beauty box ? Walmart beauty box is a quarterly beauty sample-sized subscription box. The best part of this box is….. It’s only $5.  Yes ,  you read that right IT IS ONLY $5 !! Literally that is less than a Grande Vanilla  Latte with extra espresso and vanilla from Starbucks.I received a  lot of messages requesting a breakdown  of what is in my wonderful box of goodness for only $5 . So here it is …….




Hello Extra Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste in Pure Mint (.85oz)     Value $2.00

Dry shampoo from  Batiste .(1.5fl.oz) Value $ 2.69

I do not use dry shampoo  so I will be re gifting this product to someone one of the many perks of having a beauty subscription.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for Dry Sensitive Skin. (0.5 oz) Value Size not for sell

For those with sensitive skin this lotion  definitely does not have any added perfumes with is good for sensitive skin .

Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash (1.8 Fl. Oz) Value $ 1.25

Clean & Clear Deep Action 60 Second Shower Mask (1 Oz) Value $ .99

Nature’s Bounty  Strawberry  Flavored Hair , Skin & Nails Gummies (2 Gummies) Value Quantity not for sell .

Village Naturals Therapy Aches and Pains Muscle Relief Bath Soak (2 oz) Value $.99

Ecotools Makeup Brush Cleansing Cloths (Single Pack) Value Quantity not for Sale****

Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips (1 Nose Strip) Value Quantity not for Sale

** I also received a cute brochure from Hello  explaining the brand , their mission and a list of ingredients .  The best part , I received a $ 1.00 off coupon printed on the back . OH YEAH !

Total Value for items that could be purchased at that size or quantity =  $7.92 . It was worth a lot more I just could not find a price on all items . Plus I received a coupon ! This beauty subscriptions gets two thumbs up .

These beauty  subscriptions make my life better for a few reasons . I get to try new products for $5 !! Every quarter feels like Christmas , I mean come on what women wouldn’t  enjoy a box full of beauty surprises ?! Most importantly this is one more way to save money and continue to Just Sit Pretty.

You can sign up for the Walmart beauty subscription  by clicking the link below …..

Walmart Beauty Box

“Stay Beautiful”

Until next time …….

Ipsy Glam Bag (June 2016)

Hi everyone !!! I am so sorry I have not been blogging . I have so much to share with you , so many changes I have made so get excited !!! Today I want to share with you a beauty subscription  that literally changed my life , Ipsy Glam Bags . Ispy is a  beauty subscription that allows you to discover new beauty products for just $10  a month . Here are some reasons I love Ipsy.

  1. A lot of their bags retail for over $50 and you are only paying $10 a month ! Seriously the beauty industry is growing so fast its almost impossible to try every single product without selling your body parts to afford it . Ipsy makes it easy for you to try higher end products without burning a hole through your wallet or selling your kidney .  After all , you might need it!
  2. I love giving gifts. Because I know I will not fall in love with every product this gives me a chance to share these products with friends and family.
    Every once in a while I will receive something I know I will not use for example glitter eye shadow . I am not a fan of glitter on my face but I have friends and family that are obsessed with glitter . This gives me a chance to share these products with them . You could even have a swap party which is super fun !!
  3. Ipsy offers discount codes if you try a product and decide you want to purchase it again . Ipsy has special discount codes you can use through the companies website .  This is what Just Sitting Pretty Blog is all about ! Saving money and staying fabulous.
  4. Last but not least I love their rewards program . Ipsy gives you points for reviewing products you received and inviting friends to join ipsy . Once you accumulated enough points you can cash those points in for more products !! WINNING!!

Of course I would not leave without showing you what I received in my June 2016 ipsy bag .



What’s in my ipsy bag ?

Baby Boo-Boo Cover- up ($10)

Be a Bombshell pout potion ($5) * Currently on sale

Frank body Original Coffee Scrub ($14.95for 7oz)

ColourPop Cosmetics creme gel liner ($5.00)

Urban Decay eye  shadow ( $19)

Total bag worth : $ 53.95 plus a makeup bag !!

I received $53.95 worth of products for $10 .  If you are looking to try new products for an affordable price ipsy is the way to go . If you are interested in joining the ipsy community , I have posted my  referral link below .


“People will stare , make it worth their while”- Unknown

Until next time ….continue to “Sit Pretty”






When I was in high school I made a complete plan of how my life was going to go . I planned at what age I would get married , have children ,my career  and even purchase a home .  I was so obsessed with having a dream life but things did not go as planned.  I began to believe I was a failure because here I am 28 years old not married  , no children and no dream career . None of the plans I made in high school have manifested . So of course because I am so dramatic I now think I am a complete failure.

I am telling you this past year has been challenging for me .  Dealing with surgery , a break up , losing my job , losing my “friends” and having to move back in with my parents . I truly felt like I wanted to give up . Give up on everything ! I was so caught up in the fact that I wasn’t living my dream life .  I became depressed losing all confidence in  myself . I had officially hit rock bottom.

I wanted to give up , I wanted to completely check out .  I felt I did not have the strength to deal with this pain on my own . When I was down to nothing , God was up to something !  He completely humbled me and I thank God everyday for what I went through last year . I came out of this a completely different person .  I am stronger .



Thank you God for your precious timing . I now realize I wasn’t ready to be anyone’s wife ,  I wasn’t ready to have that successful career , and I definitely was not ready to be a mother .  Not only that , I never stopped to realize that maybe God has so much more planned for my life .  My dreams were small compared to what He wants to bless me with .  If things aren’t going your way now that’s okay ! While your waiting for your moment , for your dreams to manifest , be patient and PREPARE yourself for everything you want in your life . Nothing is worse than the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to present itself and you are not prepared !

“God might not come through when you want Him to but He is always on time ” – Unknown

Until next time , continue to JustSitPretty










Having little sisters has been one of the biggest blessings in my life . Having sisters means having someone I can totally be myself with ,  without any judgement .  My partners in crime !! More importantly, having  little sisters gives me more responsibility . I want the absolute best for my sister Asia  , it is important to me to set a great example. To share my life experiences to help to guide down the same roads I walked down when I was 22 .  So today I just want to wish my little sister HAPPY BIRTHDAY . I hope this year brings you closer to your dreams and you live your life to the fullest .  Life is so short don’t waste it on things that do not bring you happiness . I love you Asia !!!


asia nicole

Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.


I hope you are encouraged to tell your sister how much you love her . Continue to keep JustSittinPretty ……

Lemons into Lemonade ….


So I was listening to  the lovely ladies from the singlewivesclub and they were discussing Beyoncés new release “Lemonade” and how you need to turn the lemons life has handed you into Lemonade ! I thought to myself , I have to share my thoughts on this with my followers because I am positive someone needs to hear this .


11 year old , Mikaila Ulmer understands this concept and she made lemonade , literally ! This 11 year old secured a four state contract with Whole Foods and I cannot wait to get my hands on this and try it!

Life has handed me some lemons and lately I’ve been drinking lemon juice hunny ! I was  missing the key ingredients to turn my lemon juice  into lemonade ….  WATER & SUGAR ! To make life sweet you have to focus on the positive things going on in your life .  If you don’t ,  life can get real sour really really quick ! Last year,  I had a myomectomy , which is a surgical removal of fibroids from the uterus. Which I will be doing a complete blog about my surgery , my recovery , and just my mental state during that time in the future . To make a long story a bit short for now , I was feeling low . I started feeling sorry for myself , always complaining  , just in a really negative place .  I  was drinking lemon juice  all day , everyday .

Another key ingredient to lemonade is WATER . We as humans have to drink water to live right ?  Well it’s time to GET YOUR LIFE ! Take your life back because it’s not enough to just focus on the positive things.  You have to take action !    So you had a relationship that did not work out  , you lost your job , you had to have surgery , you are tired of paycheck to paycheck .  I really could go on and on whatever your situation  is . Stop thinking about the negative , join me and make the decision to take your life back and make an ACTION plan to do just that ! Want to lose weight ?  Join a gym , work out at home  , maybe start taking lunch to work . Living paycheck to paycheck ? Create a budget ,  Sit down do some research on making another stream of income . Whatever it is you have to do , do it ! Life is about LIVING ! If you fail the first time IT’S OKAY . Keep trying until you have an action plan that works for you !

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

I am not here to tell you the meaning of Beyoncé’s latest release . I am here to tell you to stop drinking lemon juice , get like Beyoncé and get your lemonade on !!!

Continue to “Just Sit Pretty” it is almost summertime so you might as well grab a lemonade while your at it =)